The Need To Be In The Fast Lane – and the fast lane is the left.

There are always calls for an end to partisan politics and a need to work together.
I agree.
However, it does not mean that progressives must be even more accommodating to the right.   The progressives have always understood the need to compromise in order to make gains toward their goals.  In the past 10 years it has been the GOP who have obstructed every attempt to govern.  They have even blocked laws and policies that would have been welcome under a traditional GOP value system.

The political right has to accept that calling them the right is not the same as calling them correct.   The conservatives need to come to the table ready to compromise.  Even more important the conservatives need to stop insisting that every move for change is an attack.  We get nowhere because the GOP and their so called news outlets have insisted that the only acceptable policy is total submission to their views.

Because this is where we have arrived.  I believe that the only solution is to totally crush the GOP as a significant force.   Democracy cannot be sustained by consensus of a mere 30% of the population.   Now that so many hard won progressive milestones have been toppled, there is a lot of repair to be done and we do not have a  decade to accomplish the task of putting it right.

We need a New Deal style overhaul.

America has fallen far behind other developed countries in many important areas.  We have become a nation of not only extreme political  views but also of extreme disparity in economic  status and even more critical, extreme disparity in economic  opportunity. 

We need to reform the educational system.
End the for-profit health care system.
We need to repeal the awful tax reform of 2017 and have equitable taxation on  corporations and the wealthy.
We need to acknowledge that climate change is a global crisis and a national security  concern.
We need work to slow climate change and prepare our infrastructure to endure the  more frequent severe weather.
Nothing changes for long without comprehensive campaign finance reform.
And we cannot take the slow road to these changes.

We need better education for all.  Good education cannot  be dependent on local property taxes or the poor will never get a good education.   Business constantly complains about the lack of qualified workers.  We need more skill based education as well as academic education, and we need business to invest in their workers again.  Company  profits and CEO compensation are out of control.  Some of those profits must be invested in training for the workers they need.

We need to stop this fantasy about private health care.   The insurance industry has been in control for too long, so long that many confuse health insurance with health care.

The US infrastructure is crumbling.   Not only do we need to repair and modernize bridges and transportation.  We need to be proactive in preparations for more extreme weather resulting in natural disasters from fire, floods, winds and drought.  We cannot allow limited local budgets to allow repeat after repeat of these disasters.

We need to accept that some people cannot pull themselves up by their boot straps or by any other means.  The tent cities of the homeless in this country are a complete disgrace and belies  the view of America as a prosperous nation.  Homelessness has increased unnecessarily by low wages, lack of affordable housing, and medical bankruptcy.   We are a compassionate people but a cruel government.

We need to rebuild our diplomatic corps to be as strong as our military.

To facilitate change we need to end the system of public policy for sale to powerful lobbies and PACs.   We need public funding of campaign finance and truth in advertising for political ads.

There are so many other  areas of need that they cannot all be listed.  But it is clear that what we have  been doing is not working.  The GOP solutions have created more division and more economic disparity.  We need to replace conservatism with compassion.  The richest nation on earth can certainly afford to care for its citizens.  We just need to have the will to do so.


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