Too Far Left?

I am quite fed up with hearing about how political progressives have gone too far to the left.

What do you think happened 1932 when FDR was elected?  Do you think he was a moderate?  NO!

It takes a progressive agenda to change what has been a festering wound in our democracy.  We cannot use half way solutions to change a nation that has been fed alternative facts for so long they don’t even know how to check them out.  We have a resurgence of racism and attacks against woman and a phony morality based on a belief that this is supposed to be a Christian nation and a distortion of Christian values.  It has become so seriously out of balance that we got a Donald Trump elected as president.

Moderate solutions are not going to change the current situation.

As much as conservatives hated the New Deal, it worked to effectively help citizens while building an infrastructure for our country that lasts to today.  There are not many Americans who would want to end the safeguards like the FDIC or Social Security or Medicare.  Most of our cherished reforms came from the efforts of those with liberal values.   Who wants to end the 40 hour work week, or over time pay, or go back to child labor?  The long list of cherished norms were attained by progressives.

So, NO, we are not too far to the left.  We need to bring America back to a country that embraces diversity and tolerance.  We need to find a better way to combine capitalism with compassion and empathy.  Our founders could not fully itemize each personal freedom and civil rights we see as valuable today because the times were different.  The founders could only operate from what was the social norm for their time.   But they did have the foresight to make our constitution flexible and open to new interpretations of civil rights and personal freedom according to evolving social norms.

We  have to be careful of going backwards because of some misguided nostalgia for the good ol’ days by recognizing that it was not  very good for everyone.

We have to go to the opposite extreme in order to find a reasonable middle.  One cannot start in the middle if the extreme has not been fully identified and explored.

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    • Maggie
    • September 5, 2018

    Pushing to the left will hopefully nudge us away from the mediocre middle. Standing in the middle has predictable consequences – like getting run over by a bus. Pretty much what happened in the 2016 election….

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