An Interdisciplinary Approach – not sound bite solutions

I addressed corruption and the need for comprehensive campaign finance reform first because it is needed to protect any positive advances that are not designed to help the rich and powerful.

The core of a New Deal for the 21st Century is about education,  good paying jobs,  improving US infrastructure, health care and increasing prosperity for citizens, not Wall Street.

Thirty to forty percent of this nation was susceptible to the words of a con man because they are tired of struggling pay check to pay check.  Now because of the constant lies by this same con man and by entertainment shows masquerading as news, it is not possible to change the minds of trump supporters. 

We do not have to change their minds.  We have to help them.

Fortunately, the majority of American’s have not fallen for Trump’s big con game.  Fortunately, we will eventually come out from under this cloud.  But then we have to be ready to act in a big way.

The problem with most plans to revitalize any facet of society and government is that it is nearly always a piecemeal process and somewhere along the way the big goal gets lost.  A New Deal should be a comprehensive plan that is enacted as quickly as possible.

Which is more important?  Do we tackle health care and wait on infrastructure?  That is a mistake with natural disasters straining our cities and disaster relief agencies.  Do we address jobs and wages?  Of course we have to do that ASAP.  Without relief for the average citizen we will continue to get push back by the disenfranchised. What about housing?  Home prices and rents are sky high.  Too many people have to chose  between food or rent.  Too many people are homeless.   Is immigration really a big problem or just a political tool?  Both!  

There are solutions.

There have been many plans for all of the problems mentioned but we spend too much time fighting over how much it will all cost.  That is nonsense.  America is a rich country.  Countries with far fewer resources have accomplished more.

Several years ago I learned a little bit about chaos theory.  The name alone is confusing.   The most important thing I learned is that solutions using chaos theory are interdisciplinary.  Today’s problems are complex and too often one solution creates a different problem.  That is why sound bite solutions are fantasy.  It takes the collaboration of many disciplines to look at the consequences of each solution to come up with the best approach that creates the fewest negative outcomes.   

The problem with trying to create an interdisciplinary solution is the congressional amendment process.  When any proposal goes to congress on the path to becoming bill and then a law, there are many many opportunities for change.  Amending a proposal or bill is not necessarily a bad thing.  It fits right in with the interdisciplinary approach.  The problem is special interests and ear marks and the special deals made to placate one legislator or another.  Congresspeople are too concerned with special interests rather than what is best for citizens.  Can you see why ending lobbying is essential to making good laws?

In future posts I will continue to discuss different parts of a comprehensive plan.  It is important to remember that all plans need to be open to modification.  But it is most important to remember that we cannot fall into the trap of sound bite solutions.

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