Rooted in Compassion

I have not been able to write in the past couple of weeks.  The ugliness of the election has been weighing on me heavily.  The concept of a New Deal is rooted in compassion and our constitutional right to equality.  It sickens me to see the president of the USA rallying people to fear and hate.  It confounds my mind trying to understand how people can allow the message of America to be so perverted, and manners and morality completely dismissed.

For more than two centuries America has been a symbol of democracy and fair elections.  Now, right in plain sight, we have voter suppression of the most blatant forms as well as gerrymandering  and voter suppression laws that were put in place after years of planning and positioning for power.

We have just 17 days to convince enough people to become engaged, vote and take a stand for Democracy.

We need to vote to end corruption that has a government staffed by big business, big money and conservative media in key positions taking advantage of their position for personal gain while dismantling safe guards in their departments.

Congress is an equal branch of government and every bit as important and as powerful as the president.  Without an independent congress to be a check on the executive branch we are inches from authoritarian rule.

Vote for a congress that will do their job, that will represent the people.  We need to maintain 3 equal and separate branches of government.

This is more than just politics.  This is about humanity and compassion and working together rather than further exaggerating an “each person out for themselves” sort of society.

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