What is White Nationalism

While my focus has been on the positive changes that can help our nation, I cannot ignore the current events and hate crimes.  So I must diverge and talk about the biggest threat to our democracy.  This is a short introduction to key terms and philosophy.  In the next entry I will discuss why this has become a serious threat.

What is White Nationalism and what is their message?

White Nationalist is the new name of White Supremacists.   The leaders of such groups changed the name to avoid the negative associations that developed against the supremacists.  And in actuality the leaders of the movement also subtly changed their message.

They no longer preach that whites are superior, although that is the implication.  Now a White Nationalist simply wants to preserve US and European white heritage.  They believe that large numbers of non-white people are diluting the integrity of the white race and that the races should remain separate.  They believe that the Jews are the main enemy because the Jews’ goal is to destroy the white race by diluting them until whites are a minority so that Jews can finally gain ultimate control worldwide.

So, even though White Nationalists are concerned with the purity of the race, and even though they want separation and to maintain the white majority, they believe it is the Jews who are orchestrating  increased immigration and the demise of White America.

It is widely known and accepted that Nationalism is meant to mean White Nationalism.  And it is widely known and accepted that Globalist refers to Jews.

In case you doubt my information, it comes from an interview with Derrick Black, a former white nationalist leader and son of a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard who is still a leader of the current White Nationalist movement and founder of the website Stormfront in the early 1990s.

Here are some references on the topic.




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    • Maggie
    • October 30, 2018

    Thanks for this. Until recently I didn’t know exactly why “Jews will not replace us” was the chant in Charlottesville — and I’m probably not the only one. The white supremacists have developed this narrative because it promotes their view that whites are being threatened. Wow. That would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

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