Vote Like Our Freedom Depends On It

Our Nation is in extreme danger of losing our democracy.  Every single day this president makes statements indicating his intention to violate or circumvent our constitution.  There are daily attacks against the free press.   Today he announces his intention to end birthright citizenship as provided in our 14th Amendment by a simple executive order.  And of course he presents it with the lie that no other country allows citizenship to every person born in their country.

It is not wrong to be of the opinion that something in our constitution should be changed.  But there is something  VERY wrong when the president thinks he can change our constitution by executive order.  And now we have a prominent GOP senator saying he will bring forth a bill to support the President’s executive order.   Not even legislation by congress can change the Constitution!

This made up crisis of immigration and this so called caravan of thousands is what Trump is using as the crisis to extend executive powers way beyond what has been allowed in the 242 years of our nation.

The president has decided that calling himself a nationalist has a different meaning than the rest of the world recognizes that label to mean.  He cannot use that term and pretend it is not a green light to the white nationalist extremists who are committing acts of violence at alarming rates.  He cannot refer to globalists innocently as if he did not know that globalist is catch phrase meaning  Jews.  He knows this very well because he used that very term in his campaign along with identifying prominent successful Jews.

This entire immigration crisis is made up for the benefit of other white nationalist supporters.   At this point the president has popularized white nationalist ideals well beyond that small group to be now embraced by the full spectrum of Trump supporters.  That is between 30% and 40% of the population!

Let’s take a minute to look at the reality.  The caravan of refuges is not a new phenomenon.  There have been other caravans and the US border was able to properly control the situation.  Since the caravan entered Mexico it has been decreasing in size and is expected to be greatly reduced in number before they potentially arrive at the border to legally apply for asylum.  There is nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that has not happened before, nothing that the US cannot manage.

But the president has chosen to make this caravan a rally cry to incite fear and motivate people to get out to vote.  He is playing on fears he has created over the past several years.  He has inflamed these fears with lies about the intention of his political opponents to let immigrants flood in without constraint.  This is of course a lie.  He has inflamed the fears by lying about the make up of people in the caravan, claiming that they are criminals and ISIS terrorists and carrying dreaded disease like Leprosy.  He has inflamed the fears by naming Democrats as evil and individual people as evil and wanting to overthrow the government.  He has inflamed the fear by using key words and phrases indicating support for extreme right organizations.  And the constant attacks against the free press serves to flame the anger and put doubt on any sense of reality.

Not only is the president using rhetoric to incite hate he is using language that indicates a severe threat.  He refers to an “invasion” of criminals and terrorists.   This causes those who believe the lies to feel they must defend America against this make believe enemy.  It causes Trump followers to believe that their fellow Americans have become the enemy for allowing  the hoard to invade and even organizing the caravan and sending bombs to other Democrats to make Trump look bad.

Alternate reality and alternate truth are dangerous to democracy.

Why should we be very worried about a minority movement?  Because the minority is led by the most powerful leader in the world.

Fascists claim control by reacting to a crisis to halt the norms and grab more complete control.  The caravan is Trump’s crisis.  With the entire Republican party amazingly in lock step with this president, we cannot count on this congress to be the check and balance intended by our founders and our Constitution.

We do have an option.

Vote like our freedom depends on it !

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