Why Deny Climate Change

Devastation brought on by global climate change will continue and even accelerate.  Areas of the earth will become uninhabitable due to rising seas and droughts.  Perhaps new areas will become more habitable but all this means massive migrations and famine and war.  It means that many humans will not survive the transition.

It is already too late to avoid much of what is to come.  The only question is if we can prepare for the changes while changing  our habits enough to stop the acceleration.

So why do so many powerful Republicans insist that climate change is not largely caused by human activity?  There may be a very good reason for the American oligarchs to be so stubbornly denying what is happening all around us.

The wealthy are often educated.  They can read the reports of nearly all the world’s scientists.  But they also know that it is too late.  The changes will happen even if we slow the acceleration.  If it is strictly about survival, those with no heart will always look to their own personal survival rather than survival of the collective.  So why wouldn’t they do all they can to gain as much wealth and power as possible, no matter what?  Protect their progeny and their dynasty.

Personal survival and dominance would include lying about absolutely anything so long as you get more money and power.  It would include forming a coalition with the strong men of the world.  They understand how to disregard human life to maintain power.  The free nations are a nuisance, always trying to take care of everyone.  The facts are that the new climate is not likely to sustain as many humans as now exist.    The oligarchs of the world do not believe in equality.  They believe in the advantages of power.

This weekend Brazil and their new leader, another authoritarian strongman, have become the 2nd nation to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.   Even though Brazil is suffering an ecological crisis, losing thousands of acres of lush rain forest, using the premise already stated, this makes sense.   The newly elected President Bolsonaro needs to catch up in gaining wealth and power for himself and his allies.

Humans have ravaged the planet without regard for consequences for thousands of years.  But that is a just a blip along the historical timeline of the planet.   The degree of change on the planet due to human influence has been nothing short of dramatic.  We have totally populated the planet and overseen the extinction of many species.  We have polluted our water and air for our own selfish pleasure and greed.

Man has ushered in advances in technology at an amazing pace.  We have overcome the restrictions of nature many times already.  I have no doubt at all that we can work to save human life on earth.

The question is now if the people of the world will recognize the critical nature of this crisis and demand change at all cost before it is change at our cost.

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