About Author

I am Gail Segreto.  I live in Colorado and I am a patriot.
I am not a politician.  I am not a captain of industry.  I am not a professor of history.
I am an observant and thinking citizen.   I love The United States of America.

I grew up believing that voting is a responsibility that comes with the privilege of living in this great country.  And I believe that in order to vote responsibly you have to be informed.  This is a critical time and it is critical that we stay informed by multiple sources of information.  Because so many no longer value truth, it is imperative that we also learn how to fact check.  If a source is unknown, then google the story and see if any other reputable source also has the story.  This is our responsibility if we want America to come through this difficult time on the right side of democracy; if would like to again believe in the American Dream.

The ideals that brought forth our nation have been a light for the world.  Even so, there have been too many times when America has let fear and ignorance blind us to injustice.  We have come a long way, but this is one of those dark times.  The problem is that too many of us became apathetic and lazy.  We did not uphold our responsibility as citizens for way too long.  Now we are at a critical stage.  This is a historic turning point for the USA.

We can shape the future of our country.
What is the direction a world leader would take?  Forward!
Forward progress in working to realize the high ideals of our founding documents.

Forward, Progressive,  Social Justice.
These are some of the key words to describe my political philosophy.
We can be a great nation again.

I believe I have a big picture solution that has a solid basis for success.  It is my goal to promote these ideas in the hope that they might spread and reach enough people to effect change.   I will write about this plan and I will write about the current events and I will give you my opinion.

Please follow me to keep track of the evolving plan : A New Deal for the 21st Century!

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