Over Population

Like every important issue we face, immigration is far more complex that we acknowledge.  Yes, there is a limit to how many people a nation can absorb into their society before there is a critical strain on that society.  Even without discrimination and hate, there is a limit to how many resources a nation can […]

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Transfer of Wealth

An unfair transfer of wealth;  that’s what the Republicans call it when you suggest a progressive tax on the wealthy.  The truth is that transfer of wealth is exactly what has been happening to the middle class for over 30 years. The middle class has been sucked dry in a variety of ways.  One of […]

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The Fox News Formula For Building Fear and Anger

No matter if the topic or its impact is small or large, there is a formula to make it into an outrage.  If the matter is small, it is even better because there is lots of room to build towards outrage. An example from tonight with Tucker Carlson.  His piece began with the old claim […]

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