Why the Yellow Vests protest in France

Today I heard both Michael Bloomberg and Jerry Brown speak on Meet the Press.  Bloomberg said that the Yellow Vests are protesting the high gas tax because they do not understand how the tax will help them.   He says it is a problem of education and preparing people for the steps that must be taken […]

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Transfer of Wealth

An unfair transfer of wealth;  that’s what the Republicans call it when you suggest a progressive tax on the wealthy.  The truth is that transfer of wealth is exactly what has been happening to the middle class for over 30 years. The middle class has been sucked dry in a variety of ways.  One of […]

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How Do We Pay For This?

A New Deal for the 21st Century would require many new government programs.  How do we pay for this?  Well for one thing we stop giving the wealthy big tax cuts.   America does NOT have the highest taxes in the developed world.  Not even close.  The tax rate for the wealthy is way lower than […]

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