What is this blog about?

Welcome to a blog dedicated to promoting a big picture solution to waning American Democracy.

There are plenty of pundits crowing about the problems and how we got here.  But what is the solution?

America is in crisis.  Roosevelt’s New Deal saved America from the Great Depression.


The world has become more interdependent and there is no such thing as a simple solution to any of society’s problems.  Every solution creates a different problem or misses the mark on at least one aspect of the problem.  Real solutions must be interdisciplinary solutions that utilize expertise from engineering, psychology, sociology, medicine, commerce, agriculture, environmental specialists, technology, security, government, history and more.

I have a plan.  My plan is a broad conceptual vision.  It needs experts from all the mentioned disciplines and more to help flesh out the details and implementation.   But the concept is how we start.  Most specialists cannot grasp a comprehensive solution in isolation.  We need to come together around a progressive and expansive  concept.

Americans already know how the New Deal pulled our country up from an economic bottom.  We can draw from that history to help us now.   The fact is that Roosevelt’s vision for his New Deal, as successful as it was, was never completed.  We need to fulfill that vision to save democracy.  Is it that dire?  YES!

Growing poverty and a shrinking middle class has made too many Americans vulnerable to con men like Trump and the Tea Party.  The truth is that the wealthy and powerful have been working towards oligarchy for a very long time.  Capitalism has made America great and un-regulated capitalism is taking us down.  Wealth and power has utilized propaganda to convince a large disenfranchised portion of our citizens that up is down and those who want to help are enemies.   The powerful are smart.  They were willing to play the long game.  They could afford to because they have been quite comfortable and insulated from the diminishing American Dream.  The powerful understand the emotional hot buttons and manipulated people to act against their best interests.  This has been the play book of the powerful for all  time.

But this is not feudal England.  It is not the Dark Ages.  This is America where for now we still have a system of checks and balances.  We must reclaim America as a place of liberty and justice for all!

This blog will be dedicated to ideas on the solution.  I will continue to flesh out more details over time. I hope you will join me in this journey of ideas and help to spread these ideas, especially to those in power.



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    It’s refreshing to read solutions rather than just about the problems. I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

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